> What is N-pHacid?
What is N-pHacid?
- N-phacid is a special nitrogen fertilizer.
The 15% urea nitrogen in its content allows for a balanced supply of Ammonium and Nitrate from the soil to the plant with its unique production technique. This feature allows your plants to meet their nitrogen needs in a more uniform and balanced way.
- N-pHacid, with its high sulfur content, performs excellent sulfur feeding, especially for plants with high sulfur need. Biostimulants in its active content allow a balanced uptake of sulfur and nitrogen. As it is known, Sulfur (S) is a secondary nutrient and all plants need it absolutely.
- Because Sulfur is the building block of chlorophyll that enables plants to perform photosynthesis.
- N-pHacid is a product with high acidification character with low pH content (pH -1).
- It is a product of unique character that can be used especially in high pH, ​​salty and high carbonate (Sodium Carbonate and Calcium Magnesium Carbonate) and bicarbonate (Calcium Bicarbonate) soils and waters. It is also not as dangerous as other acids and keeps the safety of the equipment used at a high level.